Trellisto Saves Your Settings

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We’ve just released an update to Trellisto, our Chrome extension that lets you sort and filter by list name on your Cards page.

Version 1.1.0 auto-saves your Trellisto sort/filter settings so that you can see changes to your cards and boards when you reload your Cards page without having to reselect your lists. You can also save your favorite settings.

In my own practice, I use two views almost exclusively:

  • Sort by list name and filter On Deck, In Progress, and Done.
    I use this view every morning to see what’s still on deck this week and what I have in progress today.
  • Sort by board and filter Done.
    At the end of the week, I review the work done (story points totals) for each project/board.

Being able to save settings has made Trellisto much easier for me to use, so I’m excited to share this update with you.

Have You Tried Trellisto?

We’d love to hear what you think—write us at, or use the Feedback link in the extension!

Feb. 24, 2017 – Update: Version 1.1.2 released. Bug fixes:

  • Clicking “Use Favorite” button when no favorite settings had been saved would break filter list. “Use Favorite” button is now hidden if there are no saved settings.
  • List name case-sensitivity was inconsistently handled resulting in orphaned cards that could not be filtered. Filters are now consistently case-insensitive, e.g., Backlog and BACKLOG are treated as the same filter.

Afterword(s & design)

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After nine years, I’m sunsetting AMY WU words & design. I had a good run under the name—turned out solid work, made some money, had fun.

Hatched in 2006, words & design expressed the breadth of my services and functional approach to design, with an understated directness, like a well-tailored shirt. The wordmark itself in Times New Roman and Helvetica was revised once, when I went back to my maiden name following divorce, but the website design remained unchanged from its 2007 launch until October 2015.

As my focus evolved, however, words & design seemed to resist holding the meeting facilitation and collaboration work I was growing into, and I began to imagine a shift to something different. The new identity, Duende, emerged last year (its creation will be the subject of another post), and now it’s time to close the words & design chapter.

The scant content on the former blog has moved here, and I’m in the process of building out the portfolio. This site,, will be a professional landing page and personal platform for sharing my own creative explorations. I never managed to get into a blogging rhythm with words & design, but I’m making a change starting today. Stay tuned!

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